Before your joint surgery pre-assessment day

After you have seen your consultant, and have been listed to have a hip or knee replacement, a health care assistant will arrange for you to fill out a series of forms. These forms include:

Once these forms are completed, the health care assistant will then arrange a blood test. You will also be required to provide a urine sample.

In the same appointment as your blood test, the health care assistant will also take a nasal MRSA swab from you.

All of the above information is collected in preparation for your joint pre-assessment.

Once you have completed your paperwork, urine sample, MRSA sample and bloods, a health care assistant will take you to meet our admin team who will discuss booking your joint surgery pre-assessment day.

At your joint surgery day

You will see four different people as a part of your joint surgery pre-assessment day:

Number 1

First you will see a health care assistant who will collect the measurements needed for the nurse and anaesthetist. They will take your blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturations, weight, height, and an electrocardiogram (ECG).

Number 2

Next you will see one of our registered nurses who will talk to you about your medical history. Please be as detailed as possible when providing information.

Number 3

You will then see one of our consultant anaesthetists who will assess your fitness for anaesthetic. They will evaluate based on the blood tests taken at your consultation, the measurements taken by the health care assistant and the medical history taken by the nurse. The anaesthetist will also discuss the forms of anaesthetic available to you. The anaesthetists may need to arrange further tests depending on your physical health. If the anaesthetist is happy that you are fit and well, you will then be accepted for surgery.

The health care assistant will present you with a bag containing the information you need for your upcoming surgery, as well as two drinks to help aid recovery post surgery. These drinks are to be consumed the night before and the morning of your surgery.

Next you will sit in our day room and await a group physiotherapy session; a selection refreshments of are available. You may have to wait until the whole group is ready to begin the next session.

Number 4

This physiotherapy session is for the physiotherapists to explain what to expect post operatively, what to do pre-operatively and to order any equipment you may need for your home once discharged after surgery. You are not expected to perform any exercises during this session. After completing the assessment you can go home.

A member of our surgery booking team will be in contact with you as soon as they have an available space.

The morning physiotherapy sessions start at midday and the afternoon sessions start at 4.30pm. They last for approximately 45 minutes.

You will not be given a surgery date at your joint surgery pre-assessment day.